East Side Pride and Surrey's inaugural LGBT parade launch Metro Vancouver's Pride season

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      Metro Vancouver's Pride season got into gear with pomp and pizzazz this past weekend.

      East Side Pride, presented by the Vancouver Pride Society, got the party started with its festivities in Grandview Park on June 25.

      Meanwhile, after years of opposition, Canadian bastions of resistance from LGBT progress have been slowly joining the party.

      For instance, the Conservative Party of Canada finally renounced their rejection of same-sex marriage on May 28 (only 11 years after it was legalized nationally).

      And Surrey, which once was the site of protest against several LGBT issues, held its first Pride march on June 26.

      The city also finally flew the Pride flag for the first time, in solidarity with Orlando after the gay nightclub shooting.

      MP Randeep Sarai, former MP Penny Priddy, and Sher Vancouver's Alex Sangha
      Alex Sangha

      Of course, this is only the beginning.

      Other upcoming Pride festivities to keep in mind are the Fraser Valley Pride Celebration, from July 17 to 19; the Vancouver Pride parade (on July 31); and New West Pride, which runs from August 6 to 13.

      Happy Pride to all!