Someone's going to get $7.68 million for this Shaughnessy house that doesn't even have an upstairs

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      For a while now, we’ve highlighted Vancouver real-estate listings that simultaneously make you laugh and cry (mostly cry).

      Previous entries include a West Side bungalow for $3.89 million and an East Side home recently gutted by a fire that was still listed for $2 million. Those prices seem steep, until you see the deal we've found today.

      A three-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom single-storey home in the “prestigious” neighbourhood of First Shaughnessy. Asking price: $7.68 million.

      Near the intersection of Oak Street and Laurier Avenue, the 1952 home’s location is definitely prime. But a price tag approaching $8 million still feels a little high to me.

      According to the mortgage calculator that the listings site conveniently provides, even if I made regular payments of more than $25,000 a month, it would still take me longer than 35 years to pay for the unkept dump photographed there.

      Today’s addition to our collection of depressing real-estate listings was first highlighted online by Kai Nagata. “Charming,” he called it.

      On a not-totally-unrelated note, here’s a very, very long Reddit thread where Vancouver residents are discussing the question, “Have you/ or are you planning to move due to housing crisis? Where? Why?”