Who wants to kill Femen's leader?

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      The activist group Femen has posted a statement on its website raising the spectre of an assassination plot against its Paris-based spokesperson.

      "Yesterday evening, around 11 pm, a man around 30 years old, armed with a long knife stabbed 3 spectators of the Lavoir Moderne Parisien, a theatre which has been HQ of FEMEN for one year," the statement declares. "The man pursued FEMEN for three days and had even rented a room in the hotel in front of the building. He appeared repeatedly at the staff, asking insistently where were Inna Shevchenko and FEMEN activists."

      Shevchenko often speaks on its behalf.

      Femen activists frequently go topless to protest against patriarchy, organized religion, and opponents of same-sex marriage.

      They've enraged the Catholic Church by staging protests at Christmas Mass and by disrupting demonstrations against allowing gay weddings.

      In recent years, the group has also repeatedly tried to embarrass Russian president Vladimir Putin after the government passed legislation discriminating against the LGBT community.

      According to Femen's statement, the assailant attacked people in the Paris theatre, stabbing them in the neck, on the hands, and around the trunk. Victims were sent to hospital.

      The attacker was later arrested by police.

      "They describe him as a tall man, with shaved skull, expressing nationalists [sic] sentiments," Femen stated on its website. "We are still waiting for more informations [sic] from the police, and hope that this new affair will not be covered up, as it was when our HQ burned last july, probably in a criminal act." 

      The statement ended with this exclamation: FASCISM REST IN HELL!




      Mar 31, 2014 at 1:23am

      The man was not looking for Ina Chevchenko, who left the place with her little french crew for months and only heard about the attack the day after. He most likely was searching Oksana Shachko, co-founder of Femen, who were in the place.
      According to Shachko statement on facebook, she was just near the agressor during the attack, but escape safely. Only one witness remember the man asked for a specific name, but is not sure he said Chevchenko.
      Inna Chevchenko, when she heard about the attack, 24h later, promptly came on crime scene to talk to journalists and answer interviews. Some journalists note she left imedialely after, without a friendly word or goodbye to the victims friends, families or theater team who were there.