Survey reveals Vancouver police force doesn't reflect city's racial diversity

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      A CBC survey has revealed that the majority of Canadian law enforcement agencies do not reflect the racial diversity of their communities.

      That includes Vancouver.

      Only 22 percent of the Vancouver police force are from visible minority groups, which is a significant difference from the city's demographics with 54 percent of its citizens being visible minorities.

      In other words, out of 1,400 Vancouver police officers, only 280 are visible minorities.

      Meanwhile, 28 Vancouver officers are indigenous, which represents two percent of the police force. According to the 2011 census, 2.3 percent (52,315) of Vancouver's population is indigenous.

      Only Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Hamilton, Ontario, had police forces that were about on par with their communities' diversity.

      Nunavut RCMP had the lowest level of diversity on its force in comparison to its population.