The Georgia Straight proudly sponsors Kosmic Mambo

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      Langara College’s Studio 58 presents the world premiere of Kosmic Mambo, a space-aged retelling of the "Rime of the Ancient Mariner". Performances take place October 2 to 19 at Studio 58 (100 West 49th Avenue).

      Created by David Mackay and directed by Wendy Gorling and Mackay, Kosmic Mambo is a non-verbal movement piece loosely based on Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s famous poem. Set during the end of the American/Russion space race, Kosmic Mambo tells a fictitious story of the USSR’s failed attempt to send six cosmonauts to Mars in response to America’s successful moon landing.

      Kosmic Mambo features set design by Shizuka Kai, costumes by Mara Gottler, lighting design by Itai Erdal, sound design by Brian Linds, and projects by Corwin Ferguson.

      Tickets to Kosmic Mambo are $18 to $22 and can be purchased online in advance.