Adele poses for selfies with her Vancouver fans at Rogers Arena

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      Okay, Adele is in town for two shows. And that has the Vancouver media in a bit of a tizzy.

      So what did Adele do that's making news?

      Well, she visited the city's cat cafe, a.k.a. Catfe, and went ga-ga (not Lady Gaga) over a feline named Larry.

      That generated plenty of news.

      But it was her intimate concert at Rogers Arena last night that really ignited the Twittersphere.

      Even normally staid CBC broadcaster Ian Hanomansing got into it. He took time out from covering terrorism and other assorted mayhem to show his enthusiasm for Adele over Instagram.

      Predictably, Adele's fans went a bit berserk when she posed for photos with them.

      You can see some of the best Instagram images below, which were posted on the @Adelettes Twitter account.