Adele grabs dessert before Vancouver concert, shouts out local ice-cream shop Mister onstage

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      Stars, they’re just like us!

      After paying a visit to Vancouver’s only cat café ahead of her concert here last Wednesday (July 20)—and posing for selfies with fans after the show—queen of lovesick, tear-jerking ballads Adele continued her tour of our city with a stop at local ice-cream shop Mister the following day.

      The pop megastar loved what she tasted so much that she shared the experience with the sold-out crowd at her second show in Vancouver later that night.

      “We went to this amazing ice-cream shop called Mister,” she says in a concert recording posted on Mister’s Facebook page on Friday (June 22), which has since garnered nearly 8,000 views. “It’s like artisan ice-cream; they basically mix it in front of you with liquid nitrogen. It’s very exciting for three-year-olds.”

      The recently opened Yaletown parlour specializes in liquid-nitrogen ice-cream, which, like Adele explains, is produced before guests’ very eyes with the help of the freezing-cold substance. The liquid nitrogen produces a cool fog, chilling the ice-cream mix at a rapid rate to produce a supremely creamy and dense product.   

      Mister's ice-cream lineup includes avocado, crème brûlée, lemon frozen-yogurt, and dark chocolate flavours.
      Tammy Kwan

      “When I got there, there was no liquid nitrogen, so I had to wait,” explains Adele, who stopped by with her toddler son in tow. We know what you’re thinking: what kind of liquid-nitrogen ice-cream shop runs out of liquid nitrogen?

      Luckily, the shop’s workers eventually came through with the goods and Adele was able to indulge in a small piece of Vancouver’s booming ice-cream scene before greeting almost 20,000 of her fans at Rogers Arena.

      “I had the double Oreo, it was very nice,” she continues. “I’m not supposed to have chocolate on show days, but I did.”

      Apparently, chocolate isn’t very good for the vocal chords. (“I didn’t know this until I started barfing on the world tour,” she says.) But don’t worry, Adele—we too would’ve went for the Oreo all the same.