Who Did Your Ink?: Rad ironically seeks approval of judgmental strangers

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      Who Did Your Ink? is the Straight’s weekly feature, where we ask badass Vancouverites about the talented artists, indelible stories, and, at times, questionable antics behind their most treasured tattoos.

      What's your name? Rad.

      What do you do?  I'm an announcer for the Isotopes (the world's greatest baseball-themed punk band), a critically acclaimed background thespian, manager at What's Up? Hot Dog!, UFO enthusiast, dog lover, and cat tolerator.

      Who did your ink?  I have work from a lot of sick and tight, tight, tight homies such as Justin Cox at Funhouse (3001 Cambie Street), Scott Taylor at Victory (2116 East Hastings Street), Logan Howard at Gastown Tattoo (105 West Cordova Street), Dejan Furlan at Adrenaline (various locations), Ricke Gonzalez at Ride Fast (3138 Main Street), and myself when I'm drunk.

      Why did you choose these artists to do your tattoos?  Aw man, because they're tight af, fam! #litsquadgoals

      Is there any meaning behind them? All of my tattoos were done purely for the benefit and approval of close-minded judgmental strangers who, in their selfless and infinite wisdom, ask me "what I will do when I'm older". It's just nice to know they'll always be there. 

      Who's your favourite tattoo artist?  I'm gonna be toast for not mentioning a bunch of other buds, but I'd love to get some shit by Jeremy Riley at Tattoo Union (206–175 East Broadway)—he's tight. My boy Term (Scott Taylor) is really gentle and when he stares at you with those beautiful blues, you feel like Rose on the tip of the Titanic.

      However, Dustin (Justin Cox) really reminds you why you love getting tattooed. (Being cradled in those big paws is the closest to heaven I'll ever get, plus he's a total flirt.)

      What's next on your ink list?  My lovely girlfriend Jill has the idea of getting inspirational script that's not so much inspirational as it is a basic trait, like punctual or gullible. I'll probably steal that from her.

      She also once tried to give me a stick-and-poke but couldn't finish because she cried, so maybe I'll cover that up with another skull or something.

      I also really want to get shading on my belly to look like I have abs because that will hurt way less than a bunch of boring sit-ups and I'll be so sexy. You guys have no idea. #beachbody