Vancouver Police Department launches VPD Safe Place program for LGBT people

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      The Vancouver Police Department is launching a program to assist members of LGBT communities in need of assistance or distress.

      The Safe Place initiative is a voluntary program which businesses, schools, or other institutions can participate in.

      Members of the program identify themselves to the public by placing a rainbow-coloured decal in their window or near their entrance that indicates they can provide a supportive place for where LGBT people can resort to in the event they may feel threatened, concerned for their safety, or are concerned about the safety of another person.

      Program participants must sign a pledge, stating that they will allow LGBT to remain at their place until police officers can arrive.

      To join the program, participants can fill out an online form at the VPD Safe Place website.

      The program follows the example of the Seattle Police Department's Safe Place program, which was launched in May 2015.

      In other recent LGBT–related VPD initiatives, after a B.C. Human Rights Tribunal ruling and recommendations in June, the VPD created a new policy on how to interact with trans people. 

      The VPD also released a training video that addresses such issues as how to interact with transgender people in a respectful way, and various issues that trans people face in their daily lives.