Another day, another SkyTrain Expo Line problem

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      Before 7 a.m. today, there was yet another problem on the SkyTrain system.

      The Expo line turned back at Columbia Station due to a switch problem. A shuttle train took people from Surrey's King George Station to Columbia Station in New Westminster.

      It came after two days of scheduled work that had closed the eastbound platforms at Columbia, Scott Road, and Gateway stations.

      This time, the Millennium Line was not affected. There was also no impact on the Canada Line.

      Meanwhile on Thanksgiving Day (October 13), Columbia Station's westbound platform will be closed and the Millennium Line will operate only between VCC-Clark and Columbia stations. Additional trains will run from VCC-Clark to Sapperton stations, according to TransLink. The following day, power-rail work will occur after service ends. TransLink promises that this will have no impact on passenger travel times.

      The Expo Line opened in 1985, which means it's approaching its 30th anniversary. The age of the system is one of the reasons why there's so much work required to keep trains operating.

      The much newer Canada Line opened in 2009 and has had far fewer problems in 2014.

      So far, there's no evidence that real-estate developers along the Canada Line are trying to exploit this in the marketing of their condos. But if problems persist on the Expo Line, don't be surprised if this becomes a topic of conversation in the future in display suites in the River District and along the Cambie corridor.

      The same could be true in marketing pitches for condos in Burnaby's Brentwood Town Centre along the Millennium Line, which opened 17 years after the Expo Line.

      After all, Vancouver's rapid-transit lines have been mostly about the real estate.

      If the primary motive was moving people, they would have first been built where transit demand was greatest—i.e. along the Broadway and Hastings corridors.

      Instead, the powers-that-be decided to construct lines where population densities were lower, thereby setting the stage for intense densification and untold real-estate wealth.



      400 ppm

      Oct 10, 2014 at 9:49pm

      Nicely said. But more importantly, will the execs still get their bonuses.


      Oct 10, 2014 at 10:54pm

      TransLink is upgrading the Expo Line to carry more people in anticipation of the increased number of passengers after the Evergreen Line goes into service and is simultaneously attempting to integrate the Expo Line into the Millennium Line (connected to the Evergreen Line).

      It can't be done safely. When someone dies, shit will hit the fan. Expo Line has to be taken out of service to do the upgrades. Good luck to you.