Stranger Things and the decade that never was

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      Netflix series Stranger Things is one of the zeitgeist champs of summer 2016, largely because it offers a vision of the '80s that is entirely accurate.

      Those of us who were there can assure you: the whole decade happened all at once. It was, indeed, a world in which the Clash and John Carpenter’s The Thing, although actually a bit of a flop, were cultural objects of surpassing importance to an entire nation of plucky little Goonies, even the ones living in podunk Hawkins, Indiana. Especially to the ones living in podunk Hawkins, Indiana (no Toto or Flashdance for them!)

      Having gotten that of my chest, here is Ulysse Thevenon’s excellent supercut of '70s and '80s movie references fom the hit series.

      In other Stranger Things news, Netflix has made all your tangerine dreams come true with the announcement today that Lakeshore Records is releasing Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein's soundtrack to the series. 

      Volume One arrives digitally through iTunes on August 12 with the CD following on September 16. Volume Two appears digitally on August 19, CD on September 23.

      There is no Volume Three, because, seriously, how much ersatz-Carpenter/Howarth do you really need?