Health Initiative for Men is offering a group to help queer men address trauma

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      Although sexual health gets a lot of attention in LGBT communities, Vancouver's Health Initiative for Men, an organization devoted to the health of queer men, focuses on all aspects of health well-being.

      That includes mental and emotional health, which remains an important factor in the lives of queer men dealing with homophobia, coming out, the residual effects of being closeted, other forms of discrimination, and more.

      Many traditional codes of masculinity have discouraged men from addressing their emotions or sharing their mental health struggles, which is something that many queer men also have to contend with.

      To counter this, HIM has offered a variety of mental health services and resources, ranging from counsellors to support groups.

      They also launched an online resource called Take Time For Your Mind, which is devoted to gay men's mental health with various tips and suggestions.

      One of their latest initiatives is a free (or by donation) therapeutic group designed to help queer men address trauma in their lives.

      The group will be a confidential, supportive, and safer space to learn about the impact of trauma. It will be faciliated by trauma expert and counsellor Dr. Mok Escueta and psychiatric nurse and teacher Piotr Majkowski. 

      Up to a maximum of 12 group members will explore how to recover and reconstruct traumatic or distressing events in their lives. Participants will learn skills on how to handle anxiety, depression, and other challenges.

      The group will begin in September and be held once a week, continuing for a minimum of six months.

      Anyone who is interested in learning more about the group, or would like to schedule an intake interview to see if this group is right for you, can e-mail HIM.