Ghomeshi forsaken by Lights, PR companies, and more

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      The desertion of and distancing from Ghomeshi continues to snowball.

      First, Jian Ghomesi was fired by the CBC. Then, after Ghomeshi's initiated PR tide turned, fans began to abandon or turn against the radio star in droves.

      Most recently, Ghomeshi has been dropped not only by the Agency Group, who represented him since his days in the 1990s band Moxy Früvous, and his publishing company Penguin Random House Canada, but the two PR companies that were helping manage him and his crisis have also dropped him.

      Both Rock-It Promotions and Navigator stated that they would no longer be representing Ghomeshi.

      Canadian electropop artist Lights had initially posted a defence of Ghomeshi, her manager, on her Facebook page when the story first broke.

      She has since deleted that post and apologized for it. She has also announced (in an October 31 Facebook post) that she has dropped Ghomeshi as her manager.

      I posted comments about Jian Ghomeshi the day after he was dismissed by the CBC where I rushed to defend my manager of 12 years. I am now aware that my comments appear insensitive to those impacted and for that I am deeply sorry.

      This is to confirm that as of now I will be parting ways with Jian Ghomeshi as my manager. 

      I hope everyone can heal from this.


      Ghomeshi's former band Moxy Früvous made the following statement on Facebook:

      “As former colleagues of Jian (our last show was in 2000), we are sickened and saddened by this week’s news. We had no inkling that Jian engaged in this type of behaviour. We abhor the idea of a sexual relationship of any sort being entered into without full consent from both parties and condemn violence against women in any form. We wish only health and healing to everyone involved.”

      Musician Owen Pallett, a friend of Ghomeshi and collaborator with Arcade Fire, was one of the first men to speak out against Ghomeshi (also on Facebook).