Margaret Cho praises Canadian women for speaking out against Jian Ghomeshi

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      It's virtually impossible to get away from Jian Ghomeshi right now.

      Whether it's social media, news headlines, or water cooler talk, his name is everywhere. But it's not just about him but broader issues, particularly violence against women.

      Even comedian Margaret Cho and her opening act Selene Luna weighed in on the subject when they performed at the River Rock Theatre in Richmond on November 1.

      Luna recalled how she once had a sexual experience with a guy who began to put his hands around her neck.

      Needless to say, she knew everyone was thinking it was about Ghomeshi. She said she wished it was, as it would've helped her career.

      Margaret Cho with Selene Luna

      When Cho hit the stage, she started off the top with a rant about violence against women.

      She praised the Canadian women who have come forward to speak out against Ghomeshi, noting that she believes what Trailer Park Boys actor Lucy DeCoutere said about her experiences with Ghomeshi.

      She also was glad that both DeCoutere and author Reva Seth came forward publicly, and she noted that a third victim has also come forward: Billy Bob Thorton.

      Cho tackled a lot of heavy subjects and expressed how angry she is about the numerous news stories around the world involving violence against women. She disclosed that she is a rape and sexual abuse survivor, as she has on Twitter as well:

      She said if she were to be diagnosed with a terminal illness, instead of spending money on treatment, she'd spend it on going around the world and blowing up all the men who have done horrific things to women. She said she'd send hordes of angry women after them, including Oprah (and, by default, Gayle King).

      Cho also spoke about how she was deeply affected by the deaths of two of her comedy mentors: Joan Rivers and Robin Williams. She called herself Rivers' Soon-Yi, the Asian baby you adopt you think will be low-maintenance until it grows up and steals your husband.

      Overall, Cho seemed a little low energy, almost solemn, as she delivered her raunchy, explicit monologue—understandable as she said she's going through a messy divorce and is mourning Rivers and Williams. Nonetheless, she kept the audience in stitches with her disarming delivery.

      Actually, she did seem to perk up as her set went along, gaining more energy as she delved into her familiar territory of being a faghag (or "dick widow", which she says is more accurate), vagina issues, lesbian jokes (such as how lesbians get bossy when you give them a headset and a set of keys), drug use, and being bisexual (such as how the B in LGBT is often silent), among other things.

      She also interacted with the audience, asking gay men about their experiences with vaginas (imitating them gagging). She remarked how she was glad to see an Asian woman in the audience with a handsome guy because she's irritated seeing so many beautiful Asian girls with butt-ugly, old white guys.

      In addition to her frank, fearless, outspoken voice, one of the many things that's impressive about Cho is her perseverance in spite of all that she's gone through in her life, both personally and professionally, as this show reflected. Her ability to tackle numerous intense subjects, such as rape and death, yet make the audience laugh about them was daring and impressive, to say the least. 

      Her local audience (who she noted was particularly Asian, which is why she loves coming to Vancouver) clearly loves her for it, as they not only howled with laughter but gave her a standing ovation at the end of her show—and it's easy to see why.



      Boris Moris

      Nov 3, 2014 at 8:42pm

      Ya know, Margaret, it's not a big stretch to say most of Jian's dates were all about getting close to a bad boy celeb....especially after he gave his standard "rough sex kink" pitch. Ergo the real reason why many didn't come forward is because they wanted to date a celeb and were willing to admit to liking rough sex in order to seal the deal. In other words they lied to Jian and were willing to put it all behind them after they found out the hard way that Jian had graduated from the Velvet Cat o Nine Tails School of Titillation to the de Sade School of Hard Punches.

      Most guys know girls who always go for the bad boy. Most of these guys are NOT feeling sorry for Jian's dates.


      Nov 3, 2014 at 11:16pm

      Margaret and Al are getting a divorce?! ...and a messy one at that? That's so sad to hear. :(

      @ Boris Moris

      Nov 4, 2014 at 11:18am

      Jian is a celeb? hahahha... wait a min. hahahaha. Thanks for that chuckle this morning :)


      Nov 4, 2014 at 5:58pm

      Boris Moris or Jim, whoever you are, r u nuts or just an a**hole?

      Why don't you just crawl back under your rock.


      Nov 4, 2014 at 11:31pm

      Full agreement, Boris. Literally the only thing I can remember about Jian Gomeshi from before this whole possible-rapist thing broke was that the only person I know who ever listened to him stopped because they found him "shallow" and "not very clever." I've lived my whole life in Canada, and I had to look him up to remind myself where I'd heard the name before. He's a guy who worked in media. That doesn't make him a celebrity.


      Nov 5, 2014 at 10:29am

      Is this a thread about whether Jian G was a celebrity now? Of course he was a celebrity IN HIS LITTLE POND. His face was on a huge banner, his show was probably the biggest one on CBC radio. In that world, a world that actually lots of talented people are trying to get into, or stay in, during a time of cutbacks, Jian was actually a big, big deal.


      Nov 5, 2014 at 10:35am

      There's lots of people with their faces on a banner. It doesn't mean they are a Celeb, wow... And no he wasn't.


      Nov 5, 2014 at 11:15am

      If you knew anything about the radio industry in Canada, you would know that Jian G was a big deal. But hey it's not like I listened to him either. I am more of a Canucks listener to be honest.

      Boris Moris

      Nov 5, 2014 at 11:41am

      As one of Canada's best known media personalities Ghomeshi absolutely was a celebrity. Denying that fact says a lot about the does the mob mentality around all the piling on and shaming of a person who is presumed innocent until they have their day in court. If you listen to taped interviews of his accusers you will not hear one word about Ghomeshi seeking approval for kink. That just doesn't add up. Ghomeshi doesn't seem to type to torpedo a stellar career by engaging in BDSM without mutual consent.


      Nov 5, 2014 at 2:28pm

      Margaret Cho ~ thank you for being a real "Sister " ~