Calling all Vancouver skanks: Here's a body-positive queer male party for you

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      Over the years, many slurs and insults have been reclaimed by social activist movements, such as dyke, queer, and even slut.

      In that vein, a new party is taking on the word skank. (But if they do reclaim it, will that put comedian Kathy Griffin out of a job making fun of the Kardashians?)

      And they're also taking on Vancouver's gym-pumped male body culture.

      The organizers of the sex-positive queer parties SPIT, which concluded in 2012, are launching a one-off event to celebrate healthy body image among queer men and they're want all skanks to join them.

      It's called Skank Top. But top doesn't refer to your sexual position.

      Instead, partiers are encouraged to accept and show off their bodies by wearing their skankiest best, with their most provocative or creative tops. And they emphasize that all bodies are welcome.

      Think mesh, crop tops, shredder tees, string tanks. (Tube tops, anyone?) In particular, sleeveless apparel is welcomed for a gun show that you won't need bullets or a licence for (American tourists, take note).

      Organizers describe the event as one that "actively encourages all participants to practice radical self-love and self-acceptance" with an emphasis on "a healthy body image, which remains a significant challenge for queer men across the world." 

      Keith Reynolds, a campaign manager for Resist Stigma, which is a project of the Community-Based Research Centre for Gay Men's Health, explains why Resist Stigma will be Skank Top's community partner. 

      "SPIT remains well-known across Vancouver's queer communities for its values of inclusivity and acceptance," he states. "Skank Top's goal of promoting positive body image is one that Resist Stigma can proudly support."

      Resist Stigma is a national initiative that empowers LGBT men to share their stories to create messages that tackle various forms of stigma. 

      This body-positive party goes down (hey, we heard your snicker) on Friday (August 26) at XY (1216 Bute Street), with doors opening at 10:30 p.m.

      Beats will be provided by DJs SPRLVR and Michael K.

      Instead of cover charge, donations will be accepted to support Resist Stigma.

      For more information, visit the event's Facebook page.