VFM Spotlight: Jane’s Honey Bees can sweeten your lifestyle

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      Name of vendors? Jane’s Honey Bees owned by beekeepers Liz Graham and J Chandler.

      What do you sell? We sell delicious honey and a few other hive products, including beeswax, beeswax lip balm, and some pollen.  Everything is made by our bees in the Lower Mainland, generally from Richmond to Abbotsford.

      How did you get into your business? Through my husband’s family—his brother is a beekeeper in Southern AlbertaWhen we were starting we wanted to be in a different area, and ended up out here. We love it!

      What’s your specialty? Our pure, natural, delicious honey! We have honey from when the bees were in blueberry fields, raspberry fields, cranberry fields, or just in their yards going to a variety of wildflowers. The blueberry is probably the most popular flavour, and many customers like the fact that we sell raw honey.

      Favourite item you sell? I prefer the raspberry honey, the lightest and mildest of them all.  Unfortunately, this was not a good year for raspberry honey and we don't have much left.

      Favourite thing about the city’s farmers markets? I love getting to meet the people that love our honey, as well as chatting with all the other beekeepers that stop by.  Beekeeping is fairly solitary much of the time, or I am only working with my husband, so it is nice to talk to other people!