Vision Vancouver loses control of park board and school board

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      Mayor Gregor Robertson was reelected, and Vision Vancouver retained control of city council. But it wasn't all good news for Vision on election night.

      First off, Vision councillor Tony Tang lost his seat to the NPA's Melissa De Genova, and park commissioner Niki Sharma lost her council bid.

      Vision also lost control of the park board and school board.

      The NPA will now dominate the park board with four commissioners: John Coupar, Casey Crawford, Sarah Kirby-Yung, and Erin Shum.

      Vision's sole commissioner will be Catherine Evans. Incumbent Trevor Loke was knocked off.

      The Greens will be represented on the park board by Stuart Mackinnon and Michael Wiebe.

      School board will have four Vision trustees, four NPA trustees, and one Green trustee.



      Fat Guy

      Nov 17, 2014 at 6:49am

      I see there is already strong pressure from the NPA and the big corporate media on the new Green trustee Janet Fraser to agree to Chevron's $400,000 purchase of curriculum content in Vancouver schools. This may be the first real test - will the Green trustee support genuine public education, or will she vote with the NPA for corporate intrusion into our schools?