Training for Mudderella Whistler with full body vibration

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      Ahead of Mudderella Whistler, a 10-kilometre adventure race for women in the resort on September 24, two Straight writers are prepping for the race in very different ways. In this blog, they’ll detail important exercises, expert advice, and all the neuroses that go into race prep.

      With less than a month to go before myself and fellow Straight writer Amanda Siebert take our places on the starting line at Mudderella Whistler, I came to a horrible realization. An indulgent summer of BBQs and sunbathing had done wonders for my tan, and nothing for my athletic ability. I was hideously unfit.

      Mudderella Whistler isn’t a walk in the park. It’s a slippery 10-kilometre mud trail against the mountain’s tough gradient, complete with challenging obstacles. There are rope climbs, jumping from heights onto stunt mats, and scuttling through tight tunnels to splash into cold water. True, the race is less about winning than helping other women succeed in conquering the course. But with my level of fitness, I was in no shape to do either.


      With the clock ticking, I needed some quick training that would give me a fighting chance of crossing the finish line. So I tried something I’d never done before.

      Full body vibration

      Pure Vibe fitness promises to deliver the benefits of a one hour workout in just 20 minutes. How? By standing on a machine with a vibrating plate.

      According to studio founder Dominica Bay—a trainer for over 20 years—the movement of the apparatus changes the pull of gravity, causing a person’s muscles to work harder. Developing strength, balance, and power in a very short space of time, Pure Vibe sounded like the perfect preparation for Mudderella Whistler. Was I still a little skeptical that it would work? Sure. Until I had my first session.

      Pure Vibe asks that all new “vibers” take a beginner class to introduce them to the machine, and the yoga and fitness exercises taught in the studio. Stepping onto the plate, three other newbies and I switched on the power. The contraption immediately began to wobble, increasing in intensity as we amped up the rate. Imagine a vibration that would make your teeth chatter with a relaxed jaw, and you’re getting close to understanding the power of the machine.

      Pure Vibe

      Taking us through some basic exercises, our instructor coached us on our posture and balance. One-legged squats and pliés worked our quads, hamstrings, glutes, and lower back, and push-ups and mountain climbers toned our chest, core, and arms. Only needing to keep at least one body part on the vibrating plate at all times, the machine provided a versatile base for our workouts, and its movement kept our muscles warm so we could hold our yoga poses for longer.

      A few minutes in, I started wondering whether cranking out these exercises at Pure Vibe was any more effective than bending and tensing in my living room. It only took a few more reps to convince me. The machine was working my body so hard I wasn’t just feeling the burn—I was actually starting to feel a bit faint.

      My pulse racing from the resistance of the plate, I was sweating freely and breathing hard. “Mudderella,” I thought to myself as my abs started to shake.

      Twenty minutes later, as the machine signalled that our session was over, my body was on fire. The short workout had pushed me so hard that I couldn’t ride my bicycle home up a tiny hill, and, after two days, I still couldn’t walk or sit down properly.

      But was it worth it? Definitely. Like Mudderella Whistler, Pure Vibe is predominantly for women, by women, providing a welcoming environment and intimate classes that could help anyone cross the Mudderella finish line. Will twelve days of intense training be enough to put me in peak physical condition? Maybe not. But, armed with a months’ membership, Pure Vibe has already equipped me with the confidence that I’ll be fit enough for our Straight teammates to complete the race together.

      There’s so much more to Mudderella than just the running. Competitors can make a weekend of it with their girlfriends by indulging in the full Whistler experience.

      Enjoy a day at the resort’s Scandinave Spa to wash off all that mud, and rejuvenate your tired muscles with massages and hot baths. Located outdoors, the Scandinave Spa lets you enjoy a wonderful vista of the mountain you’ve just conquered.

      Runners can partake in a celebratory drink of bubbles or beer at one of Whistler’s famed bars, or reserve a table with your teammates for dinner or brunch to fill up after the tough race. From casual snacks to fine dining, there’s something delicious to suit all tastes.

      Fallen in love with the outdoors? There’s plenty of opportunity to relax by a lake, take a leisurely walk along Whistler’s beautiful trails, and explore a new part of the mountain. For racers with a bit more time on their hands, the resort’s galleries and museums provide an excellent way to unwind after the intensity of those obstacles.

      For more information on how to plan the perfect Mudderella getaway weekend, visit 

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