Gay men's choir brings some fa la la to transit riders

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      Dear homophobes: here's even more proof that accepting gay men can have a gleeful effect on society.

      While the rest of North America is out killing each other in the free-for-all rampage otherwise known as Black Friday, the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles sent out a video of them on the L.A. Metro bringing seasonal good cheer to transit passengers.

      They reminded riders what the season is really all about: not consumerist kamikaze missions but donning our gay apparel.

      (Check out the woman in white getting into it with her shoulders. Followed by the children who look shellshocked.)

      How's that for a little bit of uplifting gaiety in our humdrum everyday lives?

      Even though it was advertising for one of their upcoming concerts, it's actually a psychologically effective idea considering how some people can be stressed out rushing around during the Christmas season, and others can get depressed for various reasons at this time of year. It's a reminder to slow down and enjoy some beauty, and to think about what the season is really all about.

      So how about it Vancouver Men's Chorus? Will we be enjoying the pleasure of your vocal talents on the SkyTrain anytime soon?