North Vancouver's Workshop Vegetarian Café offers veggie ramen and other Japanese dishes

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      Despite the explosion in the number of ramen shops opening up in Metro Vancouver, there still remain only a few that serves ramen with vegetarian broth. And even among the ones that do, there's often only one option to select.

      Here comes the new Workshop Vegetarian Café to the rescue.

      The North Vancouver eatery offers two types of vegetarian ramen, in addition udon and other vegetarian Japanese dishes.

      Workshop Vegetarian Café

      Ramen lovers can choose from organic nama (raw) shoyu ramen with mushroom broth, truffle shallot oil, and greens or soy-free organic chickpea and miso ramen with cauliflower broth, kogashi (burnt) garlic oil, and greens ($12.99 each).

      There's also organic Kyoto-style udon ($9.99) as well as gluten-free noodles with organic cashew sauce ($11.99).

      Another option is the Buddha Bowl, which includes organic brown rice with miso gravy and vegetables ($9.99).

      Workshop Vegetarian Café

      There's more than Japanese fare, such as avocado or pizza toast, baked goods such as muffins and shortbread, yogurt, coffees, teas, and more.

      It's located at 296 Pemberton Avenue, and this week, they're having their soft opening until Saturday (September 17).