Video: Inauguration Day—a poem on the 2014 Vancouver election

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      Inauguration Day

      This week, there's going to be a lot of talk

      About Vancouver's civic democracy

      Swearing-in ceremonies will be held

      To celebrate so much hypocrisy

      But who among those who succeeded

      Will tell the truth about those defeated?

      Will they admit this was another race

      When nonwhite candidates endured disgrace?

      Here's the truth that few will report

      Anglo names get the most voters' support

      White faces and name recognition

      Count most with the older generation

      Chinese surnames help some people win

      But Philippine names, they go to the dustbin

      South Asian surnames almost always lose

      Leaving Indian candidates with a long-lasting bruise

      Africans and First Nations can be doctors and teachers

      Latinos and Ismailis can be accountants and preachers

      But if they seek election to govern our city

      They'll learn that the outcome is invariably shitty

      For council, this was the voters' decision

      No matter if the person was NPA or Vision

      The same is true for the Greens and COPE

      Most people of colour simply had no hope

      In the recent elections for school and park board

      Even ethnic-sounding white names were gored.

      Forget about wards—there's no political will

      The winners always see this as a very bitter pill

      So let's celebrate Vancouver's democracy

      That no one dares call white supremacy

      Premier Christy Clark can amend election laws

      But she's never taken notice of all of the flaws

      The lesson is clear from the recent election

      Only the Supreme Court can provide a correction

      The charter guarantees no racial discrimination

      It was passed in 1982 to improve our nation

      The charter also upholds our democratic rights

      So why won't any lawyers take up these fights?

      This is the first rap I've ever attempted

      Please forgive me if it's horribly presented

      But I've tried other methods to get this across

      But my articles had zero effect on the boss

      Gregor Robertson has a chance to address this injustice

      History will be kind to him, he's just got to trust us.

      Electoral reform will erase the public's view

      That Vision Vancouver only listens to the few

      We don't need to have a $5-million vote

      To reinforce racism—and this you can quote