The Interview fallout takes down North Korea–set thriller starring Steve Carell

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      The chill sent throughout the entertainment industry in the wake of The Interview fallout continues.

      Although Canada has been spared having to endure the film due to Sony's cancellation of the film's stinker's film's theatrical release due to safety concerns, another Hollywood film set in North Korea has been canned.

      New Regency has red-lighted a thriller based on the graphic novel Pyongyang by Quebec's Guy Delisle. Gore Verbinski was to direct the film with Steve Carell starring in it.

      Meanwhile, U.S officials confirmed that North Korea was involved in the Sony hack.

      Any U.S. government response to the cyberattack will require consideration of political relations between North Korea and Japan, as Sony is a Japanese multinational company headquartered in Tokyo.

      However, human rights activists have already taken matters into their own hands—literally—by planning to drop DVDs of the movie using hydrogen balloons.

      Yet Sony announced that it has no further plans to release the film on DVD, VOD, or any other platform.

      In other good news related to the fallout, James Franco is finally going in the closet.