Feminists pelt Belgian prime minister with fries and mayo

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      Today (December 22), members of a Belgian feminist group pelted the country's prime minister with French fries and mayonnaise.

      The group, renamed LilithS after a split with feminist radicals FEMEN, was protesting recently elected prime minister Charles Michel, proposed austerity measures, and what they see as the “criminalization of the poor”.

      The incident occured as the PM began to give a speech in Namur, Belgium. After the protesters were dispersed, Michel continued his speech as planned, although without his mayo-covered jacket.

      In a message posted to the group's Facebook page, LilithS explained its actions: 

      Michel was speaking at a private conference, presenting his political and economic program to a roomful of Wallon business leaders and financiers, when he was interrupted by three LilithS yelling "OUT WITH AUSTERITY! MICHEL, GET OUT!" while throwing handfuls of french fries and spraying the prime minister with mayonnaise.

      The activists wore t-shirts bearing the slogans "Michel, get out!" and "Which social on your fries?" (a play on words that replaces the word "sauce" with "social" in the classic french fry vendor phrase.)

      The Belgian social model is being destroyed in the name of market competitiveness, an absurd race to nowhere which leaves the population eating dust... or french fries, with austerity on the side. This is why we, LilithS, have chosen to throw this symbol of Belgium in the faces of those who would see the country dismantled.

      Belgium would be better off with no government at all. Michel, get out!

      In August, the group dumped buckets of blood all over Liège airport to protest the shipment of weapons to Israel.



      A. MacInnis

      Dec 22, 2014 at 4:28pm

      Maybe someone could chuck poutine at Stephen Harper?

      This is why...

      Dec 23, 2014 at 11:14am

      Radical anything is never a good idea.