Fall for Local: The Popcorn Bar cooks up gourmet, good-for-you snacks

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      In anticipation of Fall For Local’s biannual pop-up market, taking place on October 22 at the Pipe Shop Building (115 Victory Ship Way, North Vancouver), we’re getting to know some of the fair’s 70-plus independent designers and small-business owners.

      Today, we meet Sarita Fichtner, popcorn-maker and founder of the Popcorn Bar.

      Who are you

      My name is Sarita Fichtner. I’m a mom of two cats, wife of an amazing husband/partner-in-crime, and the founder and visionary behind the Popcorn Bar.

      What’s with the name

      Inspired by celebration, the Popcorn Bar represents a fresh, classy way to add flavour to your life. Our name not only stands for the unique variety of flavours we have to offer, but also our mobile popcorn bar setups.

      The Popcorn Bar

      Describe your craft

      Our popcorn is handmade from start to finish and the result is an undeniably delectable, fresh product. My mom and I have experimented and perfected our own unique recipes.

      Currently, we carry eight specialties and offer additional flavours seasonally. We pre-mix our spices, pop our popcorn, and then season it. It sounds simple but depending on the flavour, the process can be lengthy in order to get that gourmet quality result.

      Aside from crafting the popcorn, we put a lot of focus on our custom packaging and popcorn bar setups. From creating labels to putting together the table settings, I absolutely love styling those details—almost as much as I love popcorn!

      When I'm not in the kitchen, I'm creating custom labels, replying to orders and inquiries, making deliveries, and always looking for new inspiration. I am so genuinely passionate about this craft because I believe so much in the product.

      I am completely obsessed with popcorn to begin with, but the tastes and flavours we have created at the Popcorn Bar truly blow me away! I love being able to make others happy by doing what I love—who wouldn't?!

      Business philosophy

      The Popcorn Bar prides itself on being handcrafted and health-conscious. I believe healthy snacking is essential to any event, from the most lavish party to a cozy movie-night at home with friends.

      My family raised me to really value health and well-being, and keeping our delicious product as healthy as possible is very important to us. Our popcorn is totally free of preservatives and all of our savoury flavours are created from whole spices and herbs.

      Popcorn itself has multiple health benefits, as do a lot of our ingredients such as cumin and turmeric in our Indian Spice Blend. As popcorn is a supermarket snack aisle staple, we aim to stand out by offering handmade and upscale styles of product, packaging, and services.

      Claim to fame

      For our sweet “pops”, people go totally crazy for our Caramel Crunch flavour. Slightly salted, the handcrafted caramel is to die for and has more of a distinct, sophisticated taste than your average caramel-corn. Your taste buds will travel to India with Nirvana, the Indian Spice Blend, which is one of our most unique and requested savoury “pops”.

      Butter Studios

      Favourite item handmade by you

      The first order we ever took was for a popular Etsy shop, Peekabloom Baby. They were celebrating their second birthday, so they placed an order for 30 bags to be sent out in gift boxes.

      This popcorn and experience will always be so special to me! Custom-packaged bags of Sweet Celebration - White Chocolate Sprinkle were sent out to a variety of Peekabloom’s clients and renowned bloggers.

      We received amazing feedback and this opened many doors for us. 

      Sending local love to…

      I absolutely love Mully’s Handcrafted by Karly. She does original, freehand calligraphy and designs on wood out of her studio in Coquitlam. Her work is so stunning!

      We have ordered two custom pieces for our popcorn bar setups and I will definitely be ordering some home décor from her as well.  

      Tickets to Fall For Local are $3 in advance online or $5 (cash only) at the door. For more information about the event, or to purchase tickets, click here.