Pot Farm board game will be perfect for your next stoner party

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      Growing as few as six marijuana plants will earn you a mandatory minimum sentence of six months in Canada. You know, if you're caught.

      However, it's perfectly legal—and less paranoia-inducing—to grow your own virtual weed on Facebook. Millions of people have played Pot Farm, the cannabis-themed version of FarmVille from Vancouver-based East Side Games.

      Now Pot Farm is being made into a board game. And, of course, East Side Games wants your money to help make it.

      Today (May 5), East Side Games launched a $15,000 crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Here's how the game is described:

      Featuring 2-to-4 player weed harvesting action, Farmers take turns growing outrageous plants, buying improvements for their own farm and competing to see who is the ultimate Pot Farmer!

      Watch out for Ranger Dick. Each turn players must choose whether to maintain positive “protection” levels comparatively to their Neighbours, otherwise Ranger Dick might confiscate their weed. Different items on your farm provide or take away overall protection level. Play balls to the wall with high-risk and even higher rewards, or go the safer route and sick Ranger Dick on your rivals. Whoever has the most valuable Farm and weed in their Stash wins the game!

      According to East Side Games, Pot Farm will retail for $40 on Amazon. Kickstarter backers will get $10 off.

      Pot Farm claims to be the "first weed-growing board game ever". But it's far from the first marijuana-themed board game out there.

      Indeed, back in 2005, eventual B.C. NDP leadership candidate Dana Larsen wrote about eight "new and old pot-related board and card games to help keep you and your stoner buddies amused for many smoky evenings" in Cannabis Culture Magazine.

      Sounds like it's time to see who gets the highest—score, that is.