Seth Rogen made headlines with The Interview, but his greatest legacy may be combatting Alzheimer's

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      Vancouver-born Seth Rogen has overcome major theatre chains' attempts to censor his new comedy, The Interview.

      But that may not be his most outstanding accomplishment of 2014.

      His efforts to combat Alzheimer's disease—Canada's seventh leading cause of death—could be an even greater long-term legacy.

      Rogen and his wife Lauren founded Hilarity for Charity after both of Lauren's parents were diagnosed with the deadly neurological disease. 

      The organization brings together comedians, musicians, and actors to entertain audiences and raise oodles of money for various Alzheimer's causes.

      This year, Hilarity for Charity also launched HFC U to encourage college students to get involved and put on their own events, which is raising even more cash.

      HFC U provides a case toolkit, digital files, a welcome video from Rogen, and a customized online fundraising web page.

      Rogen has actually made it hip to fight a disease that some mistakenly only associate with the elderly.

      To learn more about why he's so committed to this cause, watch the video at the top of this article. What he says might surprise you.