2 Chainz samples $600-a-pound, Vancouver-roasted "cat poop" coffee, hilarity ensues

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      GQ magazine’s “Most Expensivest Shit” video series—wherein celebrities test-drive ridiculously expensive goods—gets literal in its latest instalment featuring 2 Chainz and Vancouver-based roasters Doi Chaang Coffee.

      The video, which has been viewed over 500,000 times since being published yesterday (September 27), shows the Georgia rapper sampling Doi Chaang’s Wild Thai Civet Coffee. It’s crafted using the droppings of civets, catlike mammals found in Southeast Asia.

      The feces, which contain partly digested coffee cherries, are collected and dried in northern Thailand, then shipped to Vancouver for roasting. It retails for $55 a tin and is described as “elegantly smooth” with a “detectable macadamia nut presence”.

      Armed with what is presumably a fat joint, 2 Chainz compares an ounce of coffee to a “zip”, argues (reasonably) that a $6,000 coffee-machine should come equipped with XM Radio, and dubs the bev “cat shit coffee” before finally giving it a sip and asking the one question we’re all thinking.

      “What if you have, like, cat allergies? Can you drink this coffee?”

      Watch the hilarious video below.