Vancouver Web Fest 2015 official selections include Stroller Gangs and Small Miracles

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      More than 60 web series from around the world will compete for awards in 23 categories at the second annual Vancouver Web Fest.

      This year's festival will take place March 6 to 8 at Performance Works on Granville Island.

      “The Official Selections represent an incredible range of the amazing talent dominating the web,” Suzette Laqua, VWF founder and executive director, stated in a news release issued today (January 5). “We are confident and excited that Vancouver Web Fest 2015 will be an even more successful and memorable event than 2014.”

      Hollywood actors Tom Skerritt (Picket Fences) and Judd Hirsch (Taxi) are behind two of VWF 2015's official selections—Stroller Gangs and Small Miracles, respectively. 

      Here's the full list of official selections:

      Asset - Canada

      Behind the Rock - Canada

      Bennington Gothique - USA

      Blackout the series - Italy

      Bleak - Australia

      Camille raconte/Lily Tells - Canada

      Caper - USA

      Chop Socky Boom - USA

      Chris & Josh - Australia

      Complete Works - USA

      Discrépance - France

      Disrien - Canada

      DRAKUL - USA

      Dress Up! with George B. Style - USA

      Drifter: Lonesome Highway - USA

      Dynamo - Canada

      Epilogue - USA

      F*ck The Zombies! - Italy

      Food Flix - Canada

      Foodists - Canada

      Fools for Hire - Canada

      Friends in Therapy - USA


      Garage Sale Diaries - Canada

      Gary Saves the Graveyard - USA

      Growing Alice - USA

      Guidestones: Sunflower Noir - Canada

      If These Walls Could Talk - New Zealand

      Jared Posts a Personal - USA

      Justice Woman - USA

      Kiss My Incoming Abs - Canada

      L.A. Macabre - USA

      LARPs: The Series - Canada

      Late Bloomers - USA

      Les Jaunes - Canada

      Mr. Ginger - USA

      My Lupine Life By Louis Pine - Canada

      My weekend with Mémé - France

      Nasty Habits - USA

      Nightwing: Prodigal - Canada

      PARKED - Canada

      Perfect Girl Series - Singapore

      Por el último round ("For the last round") - Mexico

      Quella sporca sacca nera (The dirty black bag) - Italy

      Relationsh*t - Canada

      Ruby Skye P.I.: The Maltese Puppy - Canada

      Sin Vida Propia - Spain

      Single and Dating in Vancouver - Canada

      Slice - USA

      Small Miracles - USA

      Space Rangers - Canada

      Standard Action - Canada

      STILL - USA

      Stricken - Canada

      Stroller Gangs - USA

      The Abs•Tract: Core Philosophy - Canada

      The Future Starts Here - USA

      The Fuzz - USA

      The Pantsless Detective - USA

      Time Keeper - USA

      Vancouver Cycle Chic Films - Canada



      Vancouver Web Fest

      Jan 5, 2015 at 6:03pm

      Thanks Stephen! Hope to see you at VWF2015!
      Vancouver Web Fest Team