Raw vegan restaurant Gorilla Food closed

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      A popular raw vegan eatery has shut down. Despite a final push in an online crowdfunding campaign to save the restaurant in late 2014, Gorilla Food has closed both of its locations (101-436 Richards Street; 477 Powell Street).

      “Many factors have been considered in this tough decision,” Aaron Ash, the founder and owner of Gorilla Food, said in an online statement. “There have been so many beautiful experiences in these spaces! The Gorilla Food mission and dreams are still moving forward. Keep watching!”

      In a previous interview with the Georgia Straight, Ash said that he first became interested in vegetarianism as a teenager. He eventually became a vegan, eliminated all animal products from his life, before transferring to a diet of raw foods only and abstaining from any cooked or processed foods.

      He opened Gorilla Food as a takeout window in 2005 before launching a restaurant on Richards Street two years later. In 2012, Ash’s first cookbook, Gorilla Food: Living and Eating Organic, Vegan, and Raw, was published, documenting more than 200 raw vegan recipes.

      The Powell Street location across from Oppenheimer Park opened in 2014.

      “I am forever grateful for this community that has helped make this magic happen,” Ash stated. “These years in Vancouver have been a blessing!”




      Jan 15, 2015 at 2:40pm

      Can they plz be replaced by vegan cooked food restaurants???


      Jan 16, 2015 at 12:37am

      vancouver is a shallow city......nothing new survives