Who Did Your Ink?: Glenn Reid tattoos what's on the end of his fishing line

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      Who Did Your Ink? is the Straight’s weekly feature, where we ask badass Vancouverites about the talented artists, indelible stories, and, at times, questionable antics behind their most treasured tattoos.

      What's your name?  Glenn Reid.

      What do you do?  I'm a sport fisherman and retired surveyor.

      Who did your ink?  Miguel Flores at Adrenaline Tattoos on Granville Street.

      Why did you choose this artist to do your tattoo?  A buddy of mine was heading to Adrenaline to get some work done and set me up with Sean Sorg at Adrenaline.

      Sean is the artist who started the series of fishing-themed tattoos and when he moved to Australia, Miguel took over. They are both very professional and I enjoy coming in to Adrenaline to get work done. 

      Is there any meaning behind it?  I love to fish and be out on the water in my boat. All of my tattoos are fish I have caught.

      On the back of my leg is a lingcod and chinook salmon—the lingcod are serious when you bring them up.

      The front of my leg has a tuna and today, I am getting a skate. Skate are a rare catch and I have only caught one. It was foul-hooked and released—too unique to kill just for the wings.

      Who's your favourite local tattoo artist? Miguel Flores.

      What's next on your ink list?  We will have to see what comes up on the end of my line!