Ex-baseball star Curt Schilling continues pitching for Trump, this time by asking Jake Tapper about Jews and politics

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      Are you getting tired of retired athletes acting like political boors?

      Last year, Wayne Gretzky's brand took a hit when he shared a stage with Conservative kingpin Stephen Harper during the federal election campaign. Gretzky called Harper "an unreal prime minister".

      More recently, Phil Esposito made some silly comments about Hillary Clinton.

      Specifically, Espo said: "I hope Hillary Clinton loses her fucking ass, 'cause I don't want socialism."

      Then there are Jeremy Roenick and Tim Thomas, who've each blasted Barack Obama for being far too left wing for their tastes.

      But it's not just these former hockey stars who tilt to the far right.

      Tennis great Pete Sampras once condemned Tina Fey for her hilarious spoofs of then Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin in 2008.

      Former baseball pitcher and strikeout king Nolan Ryan has appeared in ads for the National Rifle Association.

      Now, you can add another right-wing knucklehead fastballer to the list: Curt Schilling.

      Today on CNN, the outspoken Donald Trump supporter asked newscaster Jake Tapper why he, as a person who's practising the Jewish faith, can answer why Jews can back the Democratic Party.

      Tapper replied: "Well, I don't speak for Jews."

      Schilling, who's now a radio host, has previously tried to put a positive spin on Trump's so-called locker-room talk.

      Curt Schilling sticks up for Donld Trump.

      Last April, Schilling sent out a tweet mocking transgender Americans. He was later canned by ESPN.

      Here's the kicker: Schilling is considering running for a U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts in 2018 against Democratic incumbent and left-wing icon Elizabeth Warren.

      When Warren was asked by reporters about Schilling's potential candidacy, she more or less shrugged it off.

      Since then, Vice President Joe Biden has told a TV reporter that Warren "can hit fastballs". 

      "Curt, this may be the single biggest batter you've ever had to face, man, if you do it," Biden said.

      Vice President Joe Biden called Schilling a "great, great pitcher but his E.R.A. is not low enough" to beat Elizabeth Warren.