Abbotsford police investigating after racist rant caught on camera

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      A racist outburst caught on camera and uploaded to the internet has prompted an investigation by the Abbotsford Police Department.

      The video captures a white man shouting at an individual filming the incident on his cell phone. The white man calls him a “Paki” and tells him to “go back to India” and to “go back to Hindi”. He also shouts “white power” and repeatedly calls the camera operator a “shit skin”.

      “When did you come to Canada?” he shouts.

      The man filming calmly replies: “I was born in Canada.”

      According to the Abbotsford News, police have identified the location of the incident as the parking lot of a library near the intersection of Pauline Street and South Fraser Way.

      It’s reported there that the incident began when the man who was caught on camera shouting became angry with a parking attendant. That altercation prompted the man off-camera to aim his cell phone at the dispute. At that point, the shouting man turned his anger on the individual holding the camera.

      The video’s creator is not identified online alongside the video’s posting. It began to circulate on social media Sunday evening (October 23). On Monday morning (October 24), the video was shared widely on Twitter after it was uploaded there by Bilal Habib. Habib has said he is not the man who filmed the incident.

      The Abbotsford News reports that police have identified at least one of the men involved in the altercation and have contacted the B.C. Hate Crimes Unit. At the time of writing no charges had been laid.