East Van Garbage Watch: Abandoned toilet edition

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      East Vancouver smells like shit.

      Between West Coast Reduction's rendering plant on North Commercial, the vomit and urine streaking the sidewalks and alleyways after special events, and the epic piles of garbage, it's hard to argue that the east side of town smells like anything other than rancid death.

      To wit, I present the lastest installment of East Van Garbage Watch (patent pending): a semi-regular series of photos of disgustingness.

      Today's offender: What's with all the fucking toilets?

      On far too many of my walkabouts, I find perfectly good toilets laying about: dumped in bushes, abandoned behind houses.

      At least this one made a new friend.

      Toilet and TV: together at last.
      Miranda Nelson

      From the looks of many of these toilets, they are still somewhat functional; in fact, according to Twitter user @EastVanMarie, people have been pooping in this one for months!

      "Finally reported the abandoned toilette that people have been pooping in. This is the view from my deck."

      Please, for the love of humanity, stop abandoning your toilets. People will use them. And that shit stinks.

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      Jun 25, 2014 at 3:11pm

      Gives new meaning to the term 'public toilet'. Eeeeuw.