Dancehall night 'A Davie Village Monster Mashup' doesn't care that Halloween is on a Monday

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      Halloween is a great evening for young kids, who get to dress up in costume, run around the neighbourhood on an inconsolable sugar high, and spend the next week legitimately shirking vegetables for gummy bears.

      Halloween is a great evening for parents, who finally have an excuse to speak to people outside of their two-person friendship group, and sympathise with those who are also living in the personal nightmare of child-rearing.

      Halloween is a great evening for seniors, who greatly enjoy the fleeting social interaction with kids and their parents because, frankly, all their friends have died.

      Halloween is not a great evening, however, for the average 19-30 year old. More often than not falling on a weekday, most sensible young professionals will long be tucked up in bed by the time children finally leave the streets.

      Unless, of course, there’s something worth staying up for.

      Sure, it might be a Monday, but that’s not stopping Davie Street’s 1181 from throwing open its doors for a Halloween-themed bash. Combining the club’s established U.K. grime, dancehall, and world music evening with Prancehall’s third dancehall event, 1181 is creating a “monster mashup” of two of Vancouver's best riddim-inspired nights.

      With tricks, treats, and beats spun by Dolce & Cabanaboy, there’ll be plenty to tide you over until All Saints Day. (That’s Tuesday, to those of you without a liturgical calendar.)

      Plus, the club is offering free cover. And we can never say no to free.

      A Davie Village Monster Mashup is at 1181 Davie Street on Monday (October 31)

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