Eastside Culture Crawl Artist Spotlight: Tannis Hopkins

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      The Straight gets to know some of the artists participating in this year’s upcoming Eastside Culture Crawl.

      Who are you? Tannis Hopkins, working in a painterly, figurative-style with subjects of food culture, and whimsical or curious story-telling scenarios.

      Where is your studio? 108-1000 Parker Street, Vancouver. There is a separate entrance off the east side loading bay area or an internal door to the hallway.

      How many years have you participated in the East Side Culture Crawl? This will be my fifth exciting year participating in the Crawl.

      What’s your medium? I paint primarily in oil and some acrylic on canvas and board. I also draw in conté and do digital paintings on my iPad.

      What are some new pieces we can find at your studio during this year’s Crawl? There are some new paintings that seem like real scenarios at first glance, but have come purely from my imagination. A couple of the titles include 'You don't have to be alone to feel lonely' and 'It must be a full moon'.

      The 20th annual Eastside Culture Crawl is a four-day visual arts, design and crafts festival that takes place from November 17 to 20, 2016. For more information, click here.