Eastside Culture Crawl Artist Spotlight: Jon Shaw

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      The Straight gets to know some of the artists participating in this year’s upcoming Eastside Culture Crawl.

      Who are you? My name is Jon Shaw, and I'm a painter based here in Vancouver. My work examines the beautifully eclectic nature of our urban landscape.

      Where is your studio? 975 Vernon Drive (the Mergatroid). I'm on the second floor, in unit #230. I share the space with seven wonderful studio mates!

      How many years have you participated in the East Side Culture Crawl? This will be my fifth year! Half a decade...holy moly!!

      What’s your medium? I combine ink drawings with transparent layers of acrylic on clear-primed wood panels.

      What are some new pieces we can find at your studio during this year’s Crawl? I have been expanding my popular series of alleyway paintings. In the past two years they sold out! This year they have become even more detailed and incorporate some fun new techniques! In addition to having more available this year, I have also increased the scale on a couple of them (48" x 48" and 48" x 60"). I'm VERY excited about this new size!

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      The 20th annual Eastside Culture Crawl is a four-day visual arts, design and crafts festival that takes place from November 17 to 20, 2016. For more information, click here.