Love ramen? Ramen Koika's Big Bowl Challenge will put you to the test

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      Considering the number of ramen shops that have opened up in the city over the past few years, this city clearly has a large number of ramen lovers.

      But here's something that will test how big your appetite is for ramen.

      The West End's Ramen Koika (1231 Davie Street) is launching its Big Bowl Challenge on December 5. (It replaces their Red Ramen Challenge in which participants had to finish a bowl of ramen with level 3 spiciness in order to win the bowl free of charge—along with a soft drink and a picture on the Wall of Flame.)

      Anyone who can finish a massive bowl of ramen in 10 minutes will have their charge of $18.95 waived. In addition, the successful ramen champs will also receive a regular-sized bowl of ramen for free.

      The bowl is about four times the size of their regular ramen offerings. The toppings and ingredients are from their Koika chicken ramen (garlic chips, bamboo shoots, chashu, black tree fungus, green onions). 

      But this bowl also includes a whopping 520 grams of noodles with 1.2 litres of broth. Think you can stomach all that?

      If so, participants must books their challenge in advance by calling 604-335-2779 or by emailing them.

      Ramen Koika

      Good luck and happy slurping!