Reading the minds of NDP MPs in the wake of a pipeline announcement

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      Sometimes, it's fun to imagine what people are thinking when they're being photographed.

      Take this image above, which showed up on Vancouver East NDP MP Jenny Kwan's Twitter feed. (Click to enlarge.)

      Kwan wrote underneath: "NDP MPs stand united with British Columbians who oppose the decision & have been betrayed by the PM".

      But what was really on their minds?

      Peter Julian: "I can win the federal leadership and become prime minister with an NDP minority government in 2019. And it's all thanks to that doofus Trudeau's decision to annihilate his B.C. caucus by approving the Kinder Morgan pipeline."

      Don Davies: "I have lots of friends in Alberta—and some of them are going to be mad as hell seeing me at a news conference opposing a pipeline."

      Jenny Kwan: "Thank you Justin. I will never again have to worry about the Liberal candidate in East Vancouver. Maybe I'll last longer in Parliament than Libby Davies!"

      Grand Chief Stewart Phillip: "I was totally on the mark when I accused Trudeau of trying on Stephen Harper's big-boy pants."

      Joan Phillip: "Maybe my husband will get a Senate seat when Peter Julian becomes prime minister."

      Kennedy Stewart: "I could have been the minister for democratic reform. If only we had done a better job exposing Trudeau's duplicity in the last campaign."

      Murray Rankin: "Those pesky Greens aren't going to cause me nearly as much trouble in the next campaign. Justin has given me a great issue for 2019."