New Green Day video "Troubled Times" an open critique of Donald Trump

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      Famously criticizing the American constitutional right to free speech just days after winning the election, Donald Trump has taken a stance against opponents that has been openly critiqued by the media, entertainers, and the public alike.

      The latest to join the long line of activists are rock band Green Day. Dropping their latest music video for song “Troubled Times” on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the band has created a staunch protest of the president-elect, without once mentioning his name.

      The lyric video overlays the song’s words onto powerful imagery of the Civil Rights movement, women’s suffrage, and signs with slogans such as “Stop racism, Islamophobia, and war”, “Women’s rights are human rights”, and “Making America Hate Again”.

      Accompanying singer Billie Joe Armstrong’s lyrics “A new day dawning / Comes without warning / So don’t think twice / We live in troubled times” is an animated collage of a man with yellow hair and a red “Make America Great Again” hat standing at a podium.

      The video concludes with a hand pressing a red button, and the mushroom clouds of a nuclear explosion.

      Green Day has famously scrutinized past American presidents in its music, opposing George W. Bush with the concept album and subsequent Broadway adaptation of “American Idiot”.

      In his statement that accompanied the video, Armstrong said “Today we celebrate love and compassion more than ever”.

      Trump will doubtless take to Twitter for an inappropriate and poorly-timed response.

      Green Day - "Troubled Times"

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