Late-night study spot Calhoun's Bakery shuts down in Kitsilano

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      Many a student who has faced an imminent essay deadline or was cramming for midterms will mourn the loss of a long-running, late-night eatery in Kitsilano.

      Calhoun's Bakery closed down at 3035 West Broadway earlier this month after 24 years in operation.

      As a study destination for university students pulling all-night study sessions, the high-ceilinged, rustic room operated 24 hours a day (until this past year when it started closing at midnight).

      Calhoun's Bakery 

      The café served up an array of coffee, beer, baked goods, sandwiches and wraps, and light meal items. As another draw, patrons also had access to unlimited WiFi.

      Meanwhile, Calhoun's owner Hiu Wan closed the café to focus attention on his catering business, which will operate from a kitchen at 99 East 4th Avenue.

      Calhoun's Bakery