Photos: A snowy stroll in Vancouver

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      This morning, I awoke to more snow than I was expecting when I wrote this article yesterday.

      Nearly 24 hours ago, City of Vancouver officials were promising "we are ready for whatever weather the coming week will bring."

      We'll soon find out if they were right.

      In the meantime, during a stroll near the Georgia Straight headquarters, I spotted brave cyclists who weren't having any difficulty.

      Some cyclists weren't deterred by the white stuff.
      Charlie Smith

      However, I saw signs of looming trouble on Pine Street just south of West Broadway, where many motorists were spinning their wheels last month. It's looking like it's on its way to becoming an ice sheet again.

      Drivers might want to avoid Pine Street over the next 24 hours.
      Charlie Smith

      Last month, the intersection of Pine and West 10th Avenue—a popular cycling route—was downright treacherous.

      If you look closely at the photo below, you'll see a cyclist going east on West 10th.

      Fortunately, there were no southbound cars on Pine when she passed in front of me.

      West 10th Avenue and Pine Street is one of many locations in the city where cars and cyclists often converge.
      Charlie Smith

      Below, you can see other images in the neighbourhood.

      West 11th Avenue is blanketed with snow this morning.
      Charlie Smith
      A grey sky hints at more snow to come.
      Charlie Smith
      Whew! The Georgia Straight box isn't covered in snow.
      Charlie Smith
      Traffic is moving along West Broadway but at a far slower pace than on most days.
      Charlie Smith