Trevor Noah Trumps it up at his soldout Vancouver shows

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      As hoped, Trevor Noah didn't hold back on a certain world leader, or Canada—and our "Canadian asshole swag"—at his two soldout JFL NorthWest shows tonight.

      Basically, he feels like we're rubbing Americans' faces in the mess they've created. "You guys make it worse; you aren't helping with your Mister Sexy-Goodlooking leader," The Daily Show host said to a wildly receptive crowd.

      "You know how bad he makes Donald Trump look? It's like you're living next door to someone who's dating the hottest person in the world," he said, laughing about how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau busted Trump's signature handshake, and threw shade at the press conference he held with him.

      Noah went on to refer to Canada as Americans' Plan B and refugees' Plan A, and joked about how Canadian border guards wanted to make double sure this time that he'd leave the country, and not try to stay, after performing here.

      Noah devoted most of his opening bits to Trump politics and this week's crackdown on illegal immigrants, rolling out his best impressions of the tiny-handed dictator. But then the South African–born comedian segued easily into a wide-ranging, killer set about coming to America, his love of Indian food, the first taco he ever ate, and his thoughts on a certain N-word. Here's what he had to Tweet after the show: