Vancouver's Seth Rogen and Michael J. Fox team up for Oscars appearance

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      Although a few Canadians had received Oscar nominations, Canadian presence remained limited at the ceremonies held last night (February 26).

      Quebec filmmaker Denis Villeneuve didn't scoop up the best director Oscar award for Arrival and Ryan Gosling failed to win best actor for La La Land.

      Although Vancouver animator Robert Valley (nominated for "Pear Cider and Cigarettes") didn't win the best animated short film category, another Canadian did: Ontario animator Alan Barillaro for "Piper".

      Meanwhile, Montreal's Sylvain Bellemare did win best sound editing for Villeneuve's Arrival and gave a shout-out to Canada ("Salut Montreal!").

      What's more, two Vancouver-raised stars did make a splash on stage at the Academy Awards last night (February 26).

      The presentation of the best editing award was introduced with a film clip of Vancouver-raised Seth Rogen talking about one of the films he watched the most during his childhood: Back to the Future, starring Burnaby's Michael J. Fox.

      The dynamic duo (with Rogen in futuristic white booties) arrived in high style—in a souped-up, time-travelling DeLorean, as was featured in Back to the Future.

      Seth Rogen and Michael J. Fox sing 'Hamilton... by TheBestViews