Runway Radar: Jessica Chauhan's valentina.collective crafted for strong, independent women

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      By Kate Schreiner

      As a young entrepreneurial woman, Jessica Chauhan aspires to be the muse of her collection—someone who is strong willed, takes ownership of life, and creates her own opportunities. Her dynamic and urban-driven clothing line, valentina.collective, is designed for powerful creative-class women.

      valentina.collective will be unveiled at 2017 The Show presented by Tamoda Apparel Inc., on April 5 and 6 at the Imperial (319 Main Street). Twenty-seven other lines by Kwantlen Polytechnic University Fashion Design and Technology students will also be showcased.

      For event details, visit or follow @wilsondesignkpu on Instagram.

      Kate Schreiner: Describe your collection.

      Jessica Chauhan: valentina.collective encourages female entrepreneurs to dress their best and showcase their strong willed personalities while running their own lives. The line engages with slow fashion and trans-seasonal classics constructed from fabrics of interest as well as textures that can work in and out of a busy schedule.

      KS: Who or what was the inspiration behind your line?

      JC: My initial inspirations came from the realization that the mentors in my life are all powerful women in their own ways. I wanted to make powerful clothing for a woman who runs her life how she wants to. She is successful in a creative field, she is entrepreneurial, and she creates her own opportunities. Essentially, I am inspired by women I want to become.

      KS: Walk me through your creative process.

      JC: My creative process is not defined by numbers or letters. It starts with an idea or an inspiration, which then turns into clippings of images. I piece things together, add fabric swatches, go over themes and colours, and look back at who I am designing for to make sure things align. My process never begins the same way and it never really ends.

      KS: Who is your style icon?

      JC: New York City.

      KS: What aspect of design are you most passionate about?

      JC: There is magic in everything: designing, styling, branding, production. It’s seeing things come together that makes my heart beat. It’s difficult to pinpoint what I’m most passionate about when every part is fulfilling in its own way. 

      KS: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

      JC: I see myself running my own business in a lively city, building a collective of valentinas that is going to mark monumental events through fashion and other social outlets.

      Kate Schreiner is a recent graduate of the fashion design and technology program at KPU’s Wilson School of Design and the founder of Hetki/a moment. 

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