Runway Radar: Adella Zeller revels in design dissonance with Partial Objects

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      By Jessica Farnsworth

      Unexpected design choices in tailoring and sumptuous colour choices reinvent reliable classics in Adella Zeller’s showstopping womenswear collection, Partial Objects.

      Partial Objects will be unveiled at 2017 The Show presented by Tamoda Apparel Inc., on April 5 and 6 at the Imperial (319 Main Street). Twenty-seven other lines by Kwantlen Polytechnic University Fashion Design and Technology students will also be showcased.

      For event details, visit or follow @wilsondesignkpu on Instagram.

      Jessica Farnsworth: Describe your collection.

      Adella Zeller: Partial Objects is a collection of easy, everyday dressing solutions for style-obsessed women. 

      JF: Who or what was the inspiration behind your line?

      AZ: My line is inspired by the confidence and strength that I see in women everywhere. I admire women who live truthfully and who exude grace in everything they do despite the challenges they face. My mother was a woman who embodied this and she pulled it off with a sense of humour. Her every gesture contained a magical flourish.

      Her personality had the power to transfix. I don’t think that clothing can endow a person with magnetism but I aim to communicate certain qualities through my designs with the choices I make: bold, laidback, unapologetic and unique.

      JF: What aspect of design are you most passionate about?

      AZ: I’m obsessed with the power of beautiful lines and creating pleasing shapes that have the power to transform. Shapes leave subconscious impressions.

      For me, it’s about playing with perception. Colour is also incredibly powerful. I love painting and sculpture, but fashion design brings those two things together for me because I get to play with three-dimensional design and colour at the same time.

      JF: How do you set yourself apart from other designers?

      AZ: I make a point of always doing something unusual and slightly dissonant in my design. If I didn’t, I would be instantly bored and wouldn’t have a reason for making it. I want to give people what they know they like and can rely on, but I want to do it in a slightly unexpected way.

      I prefer clean, crisp, and minimal lines so that the brain can take in the impressions of shape and color. The difference might be subtle and hard to pinpoint, but when you look at it you know something’s different. This is what I thrive on when I’m designing; I'm always riding that line.

      JF: Who are your style icons?

      AZ: Prada. It’s rare for me not to love anything that she creates. She frequently combines the most impeccable tailoring with retro style in an avant garde way. She is everything. She’s a total genius with color as well. I am in perpetual admiration.

      JF: What lessons did you learn while completing your degree at KPU?

      AZ: The most important things that I learned while studying at KPU were an appreciation for really hard work and the discipline to keep at it until it’s perfect or until you drop. (Just kidding.) I also learned how much I’m capable of and how to prioritize, be efficient, and balance all of the above with self-care.

      Working in groups, I learned how much I enjoy sharing ideas and collaborating with open-minded team members. Collaborating can be a challenge but weaving together multiple viewpoints means more ideas to choose from and, as a result, a more complex, interesting, and integrated outcome.

      Jessica Farnsworth is a final-year fashion design and technology student at KPU’s Wilson School of Design.