Satirical Twitter account gets gonged over report on Chuck Berry death

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      The tweet above looks like it's from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

      And it certainly fooled a bunch of people who think that the country's leader, Kim Jong-un, is crazier than Charles Manson on acid.

      Over Twitter, they tried to correct the record by pointing out that it wasn't former Gong Show host and self-proclaimed CIA assassin Chuck Barris who kicked the bucket today.

      Rather, it was guitarist Chuck Berry. The founder of rock 'n' roll and the man most famous for singing "Johnny B. Goode" was 90.

      Here are some of the responses to the @DPRK_News tweet:

      • "Try checking the spelling of the name, and get a photo of the right person, before you post. Thanks."

      • "dude, not cool"

      • "It was Chuck Berry, not Chuck Barris."

      In fact, the @DPRK_News account is a spoof run by the same guys who created the Popehat account, according to the Washington Post.

      In a 2016 story, they cited the tweet below as their all-time favourite.

      But today's message involving Chuck Barris just might supplant that one in the eyes of the clever account's many followers.