Famous names in music and politics pay tribute to rock 'n' roll pioneer Chuck Berry

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      The Glimmer Twins are among the parade of global celebrities mourning the passing of guitar great Chuck Berry.

      The rock 'n' roll pioneer was 90 years old when he died this weekend.

      Mick Jagger and Keith Richards weren't alone in citing Berry's influence over their lives.

      Bruce Springsteen, Ringo Starr, and a few famous politicians also had kind things to say.

      There's also letter being passed around that famed U.S. cosmologist and astronomer Carl Sagan cowrote to Berry on his 60th birthday. Read it below.

      For those who are too young to have seen Berry perform, check out the video below.

      Watch John Lennon perform "Johnny B. Goode" with the legendary Chuck Berry.