Health Initiative for Men's Transitions program to empower queer men leaving sex industry

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      If you're a gay or bisexual male, or MSM (men who have sex with men), who is seeking to leave the sex industry, there's a new program that can help facilitate that process.

      Five Vancouver agencies have joined forces to form a consortium to assist people seeking to transition out of or retire from the sex industry. Hustle at HIM (Health Initiative for Men), Aboriginal Front Door, Battered Women's Support Services, PACE Society, and Wish Drop-In Centre Society are working together to provide services to help sex industry workers find other employment options.

      Health Initiative for Men's Hustle at HIM is launching their version of Transitions, a training program designed to help sex-industry workers build self-esteem, expand their social support, and widen their employment possibilities.

      The program is available for any queer men or MSM who have worked in sexual situations, including go-go boy dancers, male strippers, porn industry workers, male sensual massage, male escorts, and more.

      Participants will be taught a variety of life and job skills so that they don't have to rely upon sexual services for survival.

      The content of the program will cover 24 topics—including identity, boundaries, goal setting, creative thinking, communication skills, conflict resolution, and emotional management—over a three-month period.

      That period will be followed with a one-month intensive phase involving job skills training, certifications, and job placements. There will also be post-program meetings and support developed. 

      The program will begin in late April. Intake will continue on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

      Applications are now being accepted. For more information, visit the HIM website, call 604-488-1001 or email the program at HIM.

      For more detailed information about the program and its structure, visit the HIM website.