This week in video games, April 10, 2017: Become a master builder with Lego Worlds

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      This week, you can now play Lego City Undercover on new consoles, and you can try Dishonored 2 for free. But first: what makes Lego Worlds so special.

      Lego Worlds is a sandbox suitable for every master builder

      If you've ever thought about how much fun it would be to construct things with Lego uninhibited by things like space and the number of yellow, 4 x 4 bricks you have, rejoice.

      Lego Worlds, available now for PS4, Windows, and Xbox One, is a complete, open world of imagination, equipped with all the tools you need to become a Master Builder.

      There's a basic story that gives you missions and quests, and this provides a framework for learning how things work.

      It's not the easiest thing to use a game controller to master the Lego brick, but after some practice, you'll discover that you can do extensive and amazing builds in Lego Worlds.

      There's online functionality, too, so you can explore worlds and environments created by friends, and even cooperate on building something together.

      Lego City Undercover now available on next-gen consoles

      While we're on the topic, Lego City Undercover, first developed and released for Nintendo's Wii U, has been upgraded and updated for play on PS4, Switch, Windows, and Xbox One.

      The game puts players in the shoes of Chase McCain, a police officer in Lego City who goes undercover and uses disguises in his efforts to arrest criminal mastermind Rex Fury.

      On the Wii U, Undercover was plagued by long-loading screens but that won't get in the way of the fun now.


      Try the first three missions of Dishonored 2 for free

      If you've been curious about Dishonored 2, the latest role-playing adventure developed by Arkane and published by Bethesda, you can now try it for free on PS4, Windows, and Xbox One.

      Downloading the free trial from either PSN Store, Steam, or Xbox Marketplace gives you access to the first three missions of the game.

      In the game, you can choose to play as Emily Kaldwin, deposed empress, or Corvo Attano, her royal protector. Your goal is to regain the throne from the "mad witch" who seized it from Emily.

      If you choose to purchase the game at any point during the trial, you can keep your saves and continue progress without starting over—although because Dishonored 2 provides you with so many opportunities to play the game how you want, you'll find yourself playing it over again anyway.

      Now available

      Fallout Shelter, already playable on mobile devices (Android and iOS), Windows 10, and Xbox One, is now free to download on Steam. Set in the world of Fallout, this game turns you into a vault administrator, keeping your population of nuclear-war survivors safe from harm.