White Rock resident Paul Rodgers joined onstage by Robert Plant and Brian Johnson

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      What do you get when you gather the lead singers from Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, and AC/DC on stage at the same time?

      A pretty rockin' version of the '50s chestnut "Money (That's What I Want)", it appears.

      Robert Plant, Paul Rodgers, and Brian Johnson got together at one of Rodgers' shows in Oxford, England, last Sunday for a rendition of the old song, first recorded by Barrett Strong back in 1959. (If you're thinkin' "Hey, I recognize that song title," maybe it's because the Beatles also recorded it on their second album.)

      Plant and Rodgers go way back, from the days when Zeppelin and Bad Co. shared the same record label, Swan Song. Johnson and Rodgers both hail from the North Country of England, and they'd met a couple of times over the years.

      Rodgers, you may have heard, became a Canadian citizen in 2011, and for over 15 years has resided in the Surrey/White Rock area.

      No word yet on whether he's been raising a little hell with fellow White Rocker Ra McGuire from Trooper, or whether they've been spotted cruising Crescent Beach in any bright white sports cars.